GX160UT1 GX160UT2 GX160UT2X General Purpose Engine Parts Catalog



  • GX160UT1 engine serial number GCAFT-1000001 through 9999999, engine types QMP4, QMZ2, QNT, QPU, QWA4, QWW2, QWX2, QW24, QXC4, QXC9, QXE2, QXE5, QXF2, QX2, QX26, QX4, QX7, and QX9.
  • GX160UT2 engine serial number GCBPT-1000001 through 3999999, engine types QWX2, QXC9 (through 9999999), QXE2, QXE5, and QX2; GX160UT2X engine serial number GCBPT-4000001 through 9999999, engine types QXE2, QXE5, and QX2.
  • See images for Table of Contents, sample page, and applicable engine types; stapled, black/white, 8 1/2" x 11", 88 pages
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